A Retail Workers journey to Start Up!!

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   Hello and welcome to the founding of the  KTownToys e-commerce store. This is a quick blog about my journey, and why I am founding a sole proprietorship and a little about myself.  

   My name is John Maxey. I grew up in Kenosha, Wisconsin. I have been in the Toy Business for almost 19 years. .My journey began in 1995. I was hired as a night crew associate at Toy Works in Gurnee Mills mall. Those were the days of the first    Tickle Me Elmo.  I learned the store well and how to service our guests. I grew into a store manager within 3 years running a KB Toy Outlet. I stayed with KB Toys until its closing in 2009 at the Niles Illinois store. One lasting memory was of the day we closed. A little boy, who visited us with his Grandpa almost every Saturday, came to the closed store,  He looking inside with a real sad look, grabbed onto the gate and he yelled out NO!!  We delivered smiles to many children and that day was a sad one.  

   A few years later I joined the team of the Gurnee Toys R Us. It brought back memories of KB,  Toys R US now had my old KB Toy works phone number.  I once again was hired as a Night crew associate. Just under two years later, my DSM Scott  asked me if  I would  like to bring my KB skills to use running a Toys R Us Express mall store. I was back to being a store manager of a smaller mall store. I had many successes of bringing a personal shopping experience to many guests.  I experiencing the growth of Unboxing. toys like LOL Dolls,  My store closed on Mothers day 2018, One memory I had was just before we closed, a guest that shopped with me at KB over ten years earlier, stopped in their tracks, and came in the store, and said you worked at KB Toys!!

   This is a little about my journey, and my background. I am a sole proprietor and founder of KTowntoys. I am starting this store by myself from scratch. I have been listening to Podcasts about all the businesses that have started with one person one Idea. In this age of the internet economy, anyone, no matter who it is, has a chance at building a brand. I invite you to join me in  my journey building KTownToys based on  putting you first. With fast shipping from a central Kenosha, Wisconsin we can deliver 2-3 Days shipping to most of the US.   

See you next time

John Maxey  KTowntoys Unbox the fun!!