Are you tired of no Service?

Posted by John Maxey on

 Service in the retail brick and mortar space is getting harder and harder to find.

The aim of KTown Toys is to bring back service. So many times I go into a store, and I am not greeted or assisted, One national retailer I was in, I passed close by Thirteen employees. The Eleventh employee said Hello, and the last employee, the cashier was too busy talking to the person in line before me,that I wasn't even acknowledged. In the big box stores there are no employees in the toy or baby area, If they are,there is no assistance offered.   Back when I was with KB Toys, we offered assistance to everyone. Each person has a different expectation, as to how much service they want or need. A store employee should offer assistance and be available to offer that service,  The problem is, that the share holder value  of the company, is more important than the customer,  Many companies are so short staffed because of this the experience is lacking. 

 The customer Experience will be my primary focus. Knowledgeable employees are what makes specialty retailers so good.  I knew where everything was in the store, this helped to bring the service level up. Companies sometimes are not truthful with          E-commerce. They ship a product with a fake originating address, so they can charge more for shipping to make extra money. My promise to you is that all products will have the correct originating address. I had a bad  experience of ordering Baby food online. The company took Three days to process it and over ten days to deliver. And the delivery was in the same state, . I promise One day processing and 2-3 days shipping to most of the US, If there is a delay I will reach out and let you know,  My ultimate goal is to gain your trust and provide you with great service and fast delivery. What are your thoughts? Tell me what you think? Share your stories!!

 Until next time!! Unbox the fun!!



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