Dogs Vs Squirls 4 inch Surprise plush

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Dogs VS Squirls 4 inch Plush Mystery Bag. 
Each Surprise will include either 1 Fog or 1 Squirl plush. Launch assortment. Brand new from factory fresh case. 

The Dogs: these adorable pups come in an assortment of different breeds, but all have their own personality traits and issues. No matter what their traits  or issues their main job is to guard their house against intruders. 

The Squirls. They may look innocent with their  fluffy tails but don’t be fooled. The are always mischievous and their one mission is to destroy the very same house as the dogs are trying to defend.

Collect them all!! 

 4 Inch Plush 

Ages 4+ 

Made in China of all new material consisting of Polyester fiber batting and plastic pallets inside.